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Ms. L. Toy Pridegon

Author & Owner of What You Say Publishing


The author, L. Toy Pridegon, is the owner of What You Say Publishing, Editor and Publisher of Inside The Haven youth magazine, a licensed, ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker, Conference Presenter with Am I My Sister’s Keeper of Atlanta, Chicago and California, Facilitator of the Annual City-Wide Abstinence Rally of Flint Michigan, Facilitator of Inside the Haven Self Esteem Workshops for teens and young adult females, and most importantly, self -proclaimed Prayer Warrior.



Because the prayers in this book have been meticulously interpreted from the word of God, each prayer is alive and power packed with the anointing of God. This book is meant to give you a vivid picture and meaning of each scripture and increase your faith to receive the manifestation of health that you are believing for, that God has promised is already yours. 

In Jesus Name You Are Healed!

FOR ONLY $12.99


Is a power packed prayer book, a tool, to teach our teens and young adults how to: Pray accurately and specifically; Increase their prayer language; Build Confidence; Increase their faith and help them be patient as they wait for the manifestation of their prayers, that by faith, have been heard and answered. This book contains an abundance of prayers for the many situations they may face on any given day and as always, prayer will provide them with the inner peace they need until the answer is manifested.

God will always honor His word.

FOR ONLY $12.99


It must be understood that you don’t have to choose what chose you. Just because you are tempted by something doesn’t mean you have to be it or succumb to it, even if you’ve participated in and continue to practice what you want to be free from. You can be set free.

Paul sought God three times to be delivered and God’s response was “…my grace is sufficient…” meaning the saving grace, the grace that has a divine influence upon the heart, the grace that comforts, heals and empowers would be the avenue by which Paul would be delivered. Therefore, Paul was left to fight the good fight of faith, to pray and resist the devil, to draw near to God that God would draw near to him. Paul was not alone in the fight. Paul had to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might, he had to stand on the word of God and so do we. Consistently speaking God’s word will set you on the path of victory, of being the overcomer that God says that you are.

As you pray the prayers in this book, may your position, by way of the words you speak, always be one of strength, freedom and deliverance until your experience is the same.

I Jesus Name You are Strong, Free and Delivered!

FOR ONLY $12.99