“This book so skillfully provides a blueprint for accessing and confessing your God given inheritance to healing, an easy read with a wealth of power!”

- Tammy Edwards-Leitzsey MSW

“What an Amazing book! MY HEALING SCRIPTURES AND CONFESSIONS. The word of God says death and life is in the power of the tongue. I highly recommend it to those who need a healing from the Lord. Meditate on these healing scriptures day and night. #Powerful… #Greatreading! #Speakitintoexistence.”

- Priscilla Peterson

“I read Toy’s book on healing, AWESOME book. It helped me become cancer free by quoting the word of God every day.”

- Tammy Menifield-Turner

“Toy, I stopped at Golden Gate to get my lunch. I started to read the book. I love it. It has blessed me already. Thanks again.”

- Delois Wilson Jackson